Our Mission

Unite efforts to care for this population, which assume the new role of being mothers living and assuming an imposed motherhood, this implies a serious social problem and the risk of generating more violence if the basic and specialized care that these young mothers require is not provided. and curiously so numerous but at the same time so neglected by state policies, and organizing public and private, national and foreign entities we can generate an opportunity for recovery and reintegration of these young mothers in a better future.


Why are we doing this?

Humanity is in need, as never of people who can create hope in a new dawn, in a new innocence, in a new childhood, initiative, sensitivity, creativity, kindness, joy and love are feelings that we want to share, help the people is an act that improves the quality of life in general, giving and sharing are acts that carry positive energy to people, in addition to bringing light to the world in which we live and that we want, living in a better world full of peace and that children are the factor of change, for all that and more we are in this beautiful work.

MUNAY-KI HOME focuses on justice, awareness and the empowerment of women.

Help us
to make them
play again

Get Involved

We receive help and support from people of Good will who wish to collaborate with the Munay-Ki Home Association, they can stay at our house, where they will receive lodging.

Get Involved

Even a small amount of money helps us to change the future of the young mothers. We appreciate any donation so we can continue to empower women.