REFORESTATION (1st campaign)
Green project

The importance of reforestation or massive planting of trees to restore deforested areas is explained by the role that trees play on our planet, new forests help prevent soil erosion or desertification, they can combat climate change, improve communities They produce oxygen, clean the air, capture water, conserve and restore biodiversity, serve as barriers against the wind, regulate temperature, fertilize the soil, help with the conservation of species typical of the area, etc. etc etc There are so many benefits and complying with the country’s forestry law for production or protection purposes, we have carried out this activity.

At the end of December (2022), the rainy season, we had to do the reforestation, but there was a drought and it did not allow it, we waited and in March of this year we did it, with the help of small donations we were able to make our first reforestation campaign a reality, we planted 800 native and endangered trees in the Tiaparo area (Ollantaytambo – Cusco).

The planted species were queuña (Polylepis incana), chachacomo (Escallonia resinosa) and tara (Caesalpinia spinosa).

Likewise, we were able to generate work and we hired peasants (poor men and women from the Willoq-Patacancha-Ollantaytambo town) whom we paid for a day’s work.


Did you know that an average person with a moderate lifestyle produces approximately 4 tons of CO2 per year?

And on average, 1 planted tree captures 4 tons of CO2.

So, we need to continue planting millions of trees to offset the amount of CO2 emitted by humanity (factories, cars, etc. etc. etc.)

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