Green project

The non-profit Civil Association Munay-Ki Home, has an information, learning and education center on environmental issues, it is a place to reflect on the habits we have and the way in which these affect the environment that surrounds us, we seek to promote a sense of responsibility in caring for the environment, it is aimed (especially to future generations) at girls and boys who are students of all schools in the city of Cusco.

Sustainability begins in everyday life. We can change a lot through a conscious behavior.

We offer information and recommendations for a sustainable daily life and a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Peru is among the 10 countries with the greatest diversity on Earth, known as “mega diverse countries”, due to its high diversity of ecosystems, species, genetic resources and aboriginal cultures. Of the 117 recognized life zones in the world, 84 are found in Peru. This reality implies a high responsibility to conserve, protect and restore this natural heritage.

Human beings as carriers of consciousness, sensitivity and intelligence are called to care for and protect Mother Earth, guarantee the continuity of civilization and also monitor our destructive capacity. The wisdom of our indigenous peoples and communities calls us to care for Mother Earth (Pachamama) so that not only our generation can enjoy it, but also for future generations. Future generations have the right to inherit a preserved Earth and nature.

We will promote, raise awareness and increase the idea, knowledge and understanding of the circular economy model. Through design, we can eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature, creating an economy that benefits people, businesses, and nature.

It means moving from a linear economic production model, based on the extraction, production, consumption and disposal of products, to another that focuses on avoiding the emission of solid waste and using the planet’s raw materials more efficiently.

The design of areas and components of the Green Project “Ecological Center” is made up of different thematic and interactive environments and with the help of audiovisual effects full of surprises and suggestions, they experience sustainability within their reach and understanding, to strengthen new habits and customs. healthy for a conscious, sustainable and happier life.

  • Our guides help to understand complex interrelationships between sustainability and environmental issues on themed tours.
  • Reception Room, Green House, Gray House, Clean Energy, Water, Garbage, Bees, Recycling, Forestry and Reforestation.

In addition to being a space for education, the “Ecological Center” Green Project, will be a place where you live, learn and act for the protection, defense, regeneration and preservation of our Mother Earth.

It will be possible to reflect on the habits that we have and the way in which these affect the environment that surrounds us. We will seek to foster in children a sense of responsibility in caring for the environment, and it will be aimed (above all) at boys and girls students of all schools in the city. Cusco has a large student population.

Above all, we want to generate a change in the mentality and instead of thinking about garbage (for example), start seeing waste with value, in the logic of the circular economy that supposes a cultural change in the way we understand the production and consumption system to address the lack of resources, the environmental impact, the creation of value and employment.

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