Christmas Campaigns
Blue sky Project

At the end of the school year that coincides with the Christmas season, the rainy and cold weather, we bring the famous “Christmas chocolate”, hot chocolate and a biscuit or sweet bread, toys, school supplies, food such as sugar, rice, pasta, cereals, cookies, candies, cans of milk, tuna, salt, oil, fruit juices, oats, etc., to different rural communities (far from the city from Cusco), we visited the educational centers and delivered Christmas bags to all the students.

Last year we went to the Q’eros Nation, designated by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. as a “Living Cultural Heritage of the Nation”  (It is approximately 6 hours from Cusco, by car), an area made up of small towns, we visited 4 schools (Chua Chua, Challmachimpana, Ccochamocco and Munaytik’a), we delivered donations to more than 200 children and their families, all this was thanks to the help and donations of many people with a big heart, supportive and involved in helping.

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