Blue Project

In Peru there is silent pain which is the alarming numbers of rapes against girls and adolescents, an evil that results not only in psychological and physical trauma, but also in pregnancies and falling behind in school.

The non-profit Civil Association Munay-Ki Home joins efforts to care for this population, who assume the new role of being mothers living and taking on an imposed maternity, this implies a serious social problem and the risk of generating greater violence if there is not a basic and specialized care that these young mothers require, population curiously so numerous, but at the same time so neglected by state policies, we want to create an opportunity for recovery and reintegration of these young mothers into a better future.

Our Impact

  • We train strong women by strengthening their abilities, they can fully exercise their rights, by being empowered and encouraged to value themselves, dare to dream and achieve their dreams with help, information, education, communication so they can attain gender equality and justice.

How do we do that

  • We implement projects that address the dimensions of their integral development for a future social and labor insertion.
  • Above all, with empowerment programs we aspire that “on the path of empowerment, they would stop being victims and become victorious women who act as agents of social change.”
  • They are young mothers capable of overcoming tough situations, who know how to reinvent themselves, are persevering and now must focus on a positive future and environment.

What do we do

  • We help with a comprehensive care for young mothers and children, victims of sexual and psychological violence, offering them a home, food, clothing, studies, medical and psychological assistance, etc. They are offered complete education, at the school and professional technical level.
Munay Ki Home