About Us

We are a group of women who take on the challenge of joining efforts to care for this population, who assume a new role of being mothers living and assuming an imposed motherhood, we want to strengthen them as women and we commit ourselves to take leaps towards a culture of peace and to bring our solidarity service to all, it is time to multiply our actions with love and form a great heart.


How Do We Do That

We implement projects that address the dimensions of their integral development for a future social and labour insertion.

Above all with empowerment programs and on the path of empowerment, we want them to stop being victims and become victorious women who act as agents of social change. “They are young mothers capable of overcoming strong situations, who know how to reinvent themselves, are persistent and must now focus on a future and positive environment.


What We Do

We offer comprehensive care to young mothers and children, victims of sexual and psychological violence, we offer them a home, food, clothing, studies, medical and psychological assistance, etc.

We offer them complete education, at school and professional technical level.

Help us
to give them a chance for a better life

Get Involved

We receive help and support from people of Good will who wish to collaborate with the Munay-Ki Home Association, they can stay at our house, where they will receive lodging.

Get Involved

Even a small amount of money helps us to change the future of the young mothers. We appreciate any donation so we can continue to empower women.