About us

We are  Munay-Ki Home Non-Profit Civil Association, an organization dedicated to the promotion, information, education, management and creation of ecological awareness, environmental protection, sensitization and empowerment of women and vulnerable populations.

We work towards a clean and orderly environment that is essential to guarantee a healthy, sustainable and productive life for people.

We firmly believe that, with development of educational programs, sustainable events, strengthening of civic and ecological awareness in new generations, boys and girls students and the population in general, we create changes.

And with these changes we create healthy spaces that meet social needs and that are economically viable, improve waste and energy management, and improve the sustainability of their activities, bring well-being to all inhabitants and strengthen the local economy.

By raising awareness and sensitizing the population, we encourage their interest, develop their capacity to learn and expand their civic (respect, empathy, tolerance, solidarity, etc.), ecological (energy, landscape, air, water, natural resources, wildlife, etc.) knowledge. We take charge of caring for nature, not as an obligation, but with a mentality and lifestyle. This discipline will make us develop firm and powerful ecological thinking, and through participation and commitment we will face social and environmental challenges.

Rocío Arce

Biologist, President – Founder

Munay Ki Home